2014, Volume 6, Issue 4

Students’ attitude to and motivation for outdoor life

Inga Liepina1, Daina Krauksta1

1Latvian Academy of Sport Education

Author for correspondence: Inga Liepina; Latvian Academy of Sport Education; email: Inga.Liepina@lspa.lv

DOI: 10.2478/bjha-2014-0031

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Background: The aim of the research was to find out how the process of the study course Tourism at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education affects the formation of the students’ attitude towards outdoor life education.
Material/Methods: In order to find it out, first of all, we clarified the students’ previous knowledge, understanding of outdoor education, as well as their previous outdoor life experience. The total number of participants was 97 students. Both theoretical and practical classes,as well as a five-day outdoor camp with various outdoor activities were included in the study course Tourism. The method of inquiry was used in the research.
Results: The results of the first inquiries showed that students have very small previous outdoor life experience. The study course Tourism helped students develop a positive attitude and at least short-time motivation for the development of further outdoor experience.
Conclusions: Research shows that Latvian Academy of Sport Education students’ prior outdoor living experience compared to experiences of other country students, such as Norway, the Czech Republic, or Sweden, is very small. The study course program Tourism increased students outdoor living experience. The course comprised a positive attitude and at least a temporary motivation for further formation of an outdoor experience. However, to ensure long-term motivation, further studies are required

Key words: outdoor education, outdoor life experience, motivation, attitude