2011, Volume 3, Issue 4

Social, Educational and Sports Character of Football Academy in Malbork

Wojciech Barnat1, Zbigniew Jastrzębski2, Anna Konieczna2, Łukasz Radzimiński2, Ewelina Jaskulska2, Marta Bichowska2

1Football Academy in Malbork
2Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk

Author for correspondence: Zbigniew Jastrzębski; Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk; email: zb.jastrzebski@op.pl

DOI: 10.2478/V10131-011-0032-2

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The main sports aim of Football Academy is teaching and improving soccer skills of talented players from Malbork administrative district and the nearby areas as well as creating a two-stage sports training system targeted at young juniors (middle school –
3 years) and juniors (high school – 3 years). The main socio-educational aim is to support young players with a desirable set of values and create appropriate educational conditions for them to study at middle and high school.
Judging by the three-year period of sports training and general educational activity in Football Academy in Malbork this practice can be described as systemic in terms of the second level of local government administration in Poland. Moreover, combining
school education with sports training in the form of sports classes increases the effectiveness of soccer training and social integration. The main purpose of this paper was to present the organization and structure of Football Academy in Malbork.

Key words: sports school, organizational system, football