2009, Volume 1, Issue 1

The Features of Functional Capabilities of Elite Basketball Players Related to Game Function

Olena Lysenko1

1National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine

Author for correspondence: Olena Lysenko; National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine; email: luslena@rambler.ru

DOI: 10.2478/v10131-009-0005-x

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Background: The features of functional capacities of elite basketball players related to game functions (players of various lines) have been analyzed on the basis of evaluation of the physiological reactivity characteristics It has been assumed that some specific characteristics are related to efficient competitive activity and are manifestations of endurance: power of cardiorespiratory system (CRS), economy, mobility, stability and ability to realize the potential of the system for specific workload.
Material/Methods: Twenty nine elite male basketball players were examined during the competitive period of training. For the analysis of CRS response to physical exercises the complex of the tests for estimating aerobic capacity and anaerobic possibilities of athletes were used.
Results: The results showed that basketball players of various game functions have different levels of functional fitness and components of aerobic capacities
Conclusion: A possibility to efficiently control the preparation of athletes and determine the most optimal character of their competitive activity has been considered on the basis of an account of functional capacities level and differences in its levels in athletes of different game functions.

Key words: elite basketball players, game functions, cardiorespiratory system, specific physical fitness