2015, Volume 7, Issue 2

Physical activity as a pro-health behaviour in the opinion of adult women

Maria Lipko1, Anna Darmas1

1Faculty of Tourism and Recreation, Josef Pilsudski University School of Physical Education in Warsaw

Author for correspondence: Maria Lipko; Faculty of Tourism and Recreation, Josef Pilsudski University School of Physical Education in Warsaw; email: maria.lipko@awf.edu.pl

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Background: This study aims at determining opinion of participants of strengthening and relaxation classes on health determinants and their influence on adoption of particular forms of physical activity.
Material/Methods: Participants of the study were 113 women aged 40 to 55, among whom 70 participated in such strengthening and relaxation courses as yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi and 43 women were inactive (control group). A survey prepared by the authors of this paper was used.
Results: According to the participants, the most crucial factors influencing health are proper nutrition, adoption of physical activity and keeping proper body weight. Active women are aware of beneficial effects of regular physical activity, in particular regarding improvement of their mobility. Participants of strengthening and relaxation classes proclaim that physical
activity drove them to a “healthy lifestyle” and especially to healthy nutrition habits. They recognise a pro-health meaning of physical activity, particularly in order to preserve fitness in the old age.
Conclusions: Participants of the classes are aware of a pro-health value of regular participation in strengthening and relaxation courses. Pro-health policy of every country should strive to raise awareness of beneficial influence of regular physical activity and proper dietary behaviours on health status.

Key words: physical activity, fitness, pro-health behaviours, strengthening exercises, relaxation exercises