2016, Volume 8, Issue 4

Influence of sport activity on satisfaction with life and sense of coherence among physically disabled people

Artur Ziółkowski1, Igor Zubrzycki1, Aleksandra Błachnio2, Paweł Drobnik1, Barbara Zarańska1, Waldemar Moska1

1Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport
2Institute of Psychology, Kazimierz Wielki University

Author for correspondence: Artur Ziółkowski; Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport; email: artur.ziolkowski@awf.gda.pl

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Background: The study discusses the differences in the levels of satisfaction withlife (SWL) and a sense of coherence (SOC) in disabled sedentary people, disabled persons performing leisure sports and competitive disabled athletes.

Material/Methods: The data were analyzed using analysis of covariance, Pearson-correlation and a linear regression.

Results: The results indicate that sport elicits an insignificant increase in SWL and SOC. SOC correlates with SWL in sedentary disabled and competitive disabled athletes. In disabled persons performing leisure sports, the level of physical activity must be tuned in order to elicit a congruent increase in SWL and SOC.

Conclusions: Continued research on sport and wellness interventions for the individuals with disabilities is recommended. A critical emerging issue is to develop and promote evidence-based sport and wellness programs for physically disabled people in the Republic of Poland.

Key words: disabled persons, sport, satisfaction with life, sense of coherence