2017, Volume 9, Issue 2

The place of bodily asceticism in a nation’s social structure

Andrzej Pawłucki1

1University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw

Author for correspondence: Andrzej Pawłucki; University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw; email: rozprawynaukowe@awf.wroc.pl

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The hypothesis to be verified explains why bodily asceticism is excluded, owing to the
influence of the ideologist, from the system of public health in the structure of a liberal
cratocracy, in which reason is the good of the authority for its own sake. In the structure
of national society, the system of bodily asceticism is raised to the status of community
good. Despite the blocking of the connectivity of the system of bodily asceticism to the
social structure, academic gymnasions survived the collapse of the state. Each of them
independently excused itself with the idealess reason of the market in physical services,
the undoubtedly important reason for the private network of fitness clubs but failed to meet
the expectations of the fraction of the community of scholars who constantly aspire to fulfil
public tasks relevant to the cultural community of the nation. Modernising the system of
bodily asceticism located by the authorities, within the structure of public health, can be
achieved with the participation of both philosophers and teachers of physical culture.

Key words: social structure, bodily asceticism, public health, social structure of physical culture