2017, Volume 9, Issue 3

Psychometric properties and validation of the Polish adaptation of the Trait Sport-Confidence Inventory (TSCI-PL)

Zuzanna Gazdowska1, Dariusz Parzelski1, Robin Vealey2

1University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
2Miami University, Oxford, OH

Author for correspondence: Zuzanna Gazdowska; University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw; email: zgazdowska@swps.edu.pl

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Background: The purpose of the study was to validate and adapt the Trait Sport-Confidence Inventory (TSCI-PL) for use in Poland. Robin Vealey created the original tool (TSCI), which consisted of 13 self-assessment items. The phases of the adaptation procedures are described in this paper.
Material/Methods: 353 amateur and professional Polish athletes took part in the study. The participants filled in the TSCI-PL, SSCQ-PL and MSEI questionnaires as well as a short demographic survey.
Results: Reliability of the TSCI-PL as well as the discriminatory power of the items turned out to be high. The internal validity of the TSCI-PL was confirmed using confirmatory factor analysis, as a single factor model of TSCI-PL was well matched to the data. The criterion validity of the TSCI-PL was confirmed, based on numerous correlations with SSCQ-PL and MSEI scales. Moreover, no significant correlation or difference regarding age and gender has been noted.
Conclusions: Results confirmed satisfactory psychometric properties of the Polish adaptation of TSCI-PL. Therefore, the tool is ready for use among Polish sport psychologists.

Key words: trait sport-confidence, self-confidence, self-esteem, adaptation, psychometric properties