2015, Volume 7, Issue 4

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Original article

Side to side differences in patellar tendon kinetics of the support limb during maximal instep soccer kicking
Jonathan Kenneth Sinclair, Hannah Shore, Stephen Atkins, Sarah Jane Hobbs
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.01

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The efficiency of actions of goalkeepers from sports effective teams in a game of futsal in matches of the final tournament of the World and European Championships in 2012
Mateusz Oszmaniec, Andrzej Szwarc
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.02

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The importance of functional diagnostics in preventing and rehabilitating gymnast injuries with the assistance of the tensiomyography (TMG) method: a case study
Almir Atiković, Mitija Samardžija Pavletić, Muhamed Tabaković
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.03

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An assessment of the impact of special training of inspiratory muscles in a fitness classes programme on physical capacity of 20-25-year-old women
Agnieszka Cybulska, Paweł Drobnik
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.04

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Specifics of morphological factor among girls practicing artistic gymnastics at the stage of basic training
Wiesława Pilewska, Robert Pilewski, Agnieszka Barczewska
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.05

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Task dependency of movement regulation in female gymnastic vaulting
Thomas Heinen, Isabell Artmann, Anja Brinker, Marc Nicolaus
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.06

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Immediate and mid-term effects of elastic taping on gymnast’s postural control performance during a handstand
Pia M. Vinken, Thomas Heinen
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.07

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The role of myofascial massage in spinal pains in professionally active women
Małgorzata Kawa, Karol Orłowski, Małgorzata Kowza-Dzwonkowska
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.08

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Imagery use in rehabilitation after the knee joint arthroscopy
Dominika Wilczyńska, Anna Łysak, Magdalena Podczarska-Głowacka
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.09

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The idiolect of fitness professional Ewa Chodakowska in the context of communication with a target group within the physical activity marketplace
Julia Murrmann
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.10

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The level of body balance in a handstand and the effectiveness of sports training in gymnastics
Andrzej Kochanowicz, Kazimierz Kochanowicz, Bartłomiej Niespodziński, Jan Mieszkowski, Leon Biskup
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.07.4.11

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