2021, Volume 13, Issue 4

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Original article

Methodology of physical exercise: A proposal and reliability of a questionnaire for fitness professionals
Francys Paula Cantieri, Antonio Carlos Gomes, Gustavo Aires de Arruda, Diogo Henrique Constantino Coledam, Edineia Aparecida Gomes Ribeiro, Mauro Virgilio Gomes de Barros, Ágata Cristina Marques Aranha
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.01

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The effect of shoulder injury prevention program on glenohumeral range of motion and upper extremity performance in adolescent throwers: A pilot study
Gamze Cobanoglu, Hasan Aka, Nevin A. Guzel
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.02

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Determination of energy intake and dietary habits and their relationship with physical activity levels and healthy lifestyle behaviours of primary education and pre-service teachers
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.03

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Investigation of the relationship between sit-and-reach flexibility and the height, the leg length and the trunk length in adolescent athletes
Bihter Akınoğlu, Büşra Paköz, Adnan Hasanoğlu, Tuğba Kocahan
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.04

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Differences between official and non-official matches in worst-case scenarios in elite futsal players
Konstantinos Spyrou, Tomás T. Freitas, Elena Marín-Cascales, Rubén Herrero-Carrasco, Pedro E. Alcaraz
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.05

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Identification of elite performance characteristics specific to anthropometric characteristics, athletic skills and motor competencies of combat athletes
Hilal Gürsoy, Umut Canli
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.06

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Cardiovascular-metabolic responses and oxygen uptake kinetics during kayak paddling in normobaric hypoxia in young flatwater kayakers
Elvin Onarici Güngör, Celil Kaçoğlu, Ali Onur Cerrah, İlker Yılmaz
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.07

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Evaluation of healthy lifestyle behaviors and the level of knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors of individuals 60 years old and older with a chronic disease
Nevzat Demirci, Ahmet Toptaş
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.08

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The effect of core strength training on flexibility and balance in sedentary healthy young individuals
Hatice Yakut, Burcu Talu
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.09

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Review article

Physical activity and gene association with human obesity
Katarzyna Świtała, Agata Leońska-Duniec
DOI: DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.13.4.10

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