2019, Volume 11, Issue 2

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Original article

Comparison of body composition, physical fitness parameters and skeletal muscle damage indices among young Indian male soccer & hockey players
Surojit Sarkar, Subhra Chatterjee (nee Karmakar), Swapan Kumar Dey
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.01

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The effect of a single dose of the Thermo Speed Extreme (Olimp) thermogenic supplement on circulatory functions and body temperatures at rest in male and female subjects
Ilona Pokora, Łukasz Wolowski, Piotr Wyderka
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.02

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Iron metabolism and hepcidin concentration in teenagers before and after exercise in relation to the HFE gene status
Barbara Kaczorowska-Hać, Marcin Łuszczyk, Jędrzej Antosiewcz, Jan Jacek Kaczor
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.03

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Influential factors in physical activity amongst pregnant women
Soheila Rabiepoor, Somayeh Rezavand, Atefeh Yas, Narmin Ghanizadeh
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.04

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Factor structure of swimmers for evaluating endurance and predicting 5000-m indoor and open water swimming performance
Faik Vural, Mehmet Zeki Özkol, Tolga Akşit
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.05

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Participation trends and performance analysis of Turkey’s long-distance runs between 2007-2017
Melda Pelin YARGIC, Naila BABAYEVA, Mehmet Sinan İYİSOY, Galip Bilen KURKLU, Gürhan DÖNMEZ
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.06

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Characteristics of the correlations between body posture and postural stability in boys aged 10-12 years
Katarzyna Bieniek, Jacek Wilczyński
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.07

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The location of back pain as a factor differentiating the physical fitness of cadets of the Military Academy of Land Forces
Dariusz Lenart
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.09

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Deep tissue massage and mobility and pain in the thoracic spine
Anna Srokowska, Małgorzata Bodek, Mikołaj Kurczewski, Grzegorz Srokowski, Andrzej Lewandowski
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.10

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A comparison of psychological well-being in athlete and non-athlete women
Ghorban Hemati Alamdarloo, Setareh Shojaee, Enayatollah Asadmanesh, Homa Sheikhani Shahin, Aghdas Rangani, Sara Negahdarifard
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.11

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Psychological, social, and environmental predictors of physical activity among older adults: The socio-ecological approach using structural equation modeling analysis
Fatemeh Bakhtar, Batool Ahmad, Nayyereh Aminisani, Neda Gilani, Hamid Allahverdipou
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.12

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Media value of the Polish sports sponsorship market in the years 2015–2017
Gabriel Łasiński, Adam Pawlukiewicz
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.13

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Selected aspects of testing the positioning accuracy of GNSS receivers used in sports and recreation by dynamic measurements
Cezary Specht, Tomasz Szot, Mariusz Specht, Paweł Dąbrowski
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.11.2.08

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