2020, Volume 12, Issue 4

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Review article

Exercise − A unique endogenous regulator of irisin, BDNF, leptin and cortisol against depression
Gilmara Gomes de Assis, Paweł Cięszczyk
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.01

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The application of bone morphogenetic proteins in medicine, dentistry, sport and rehabilitation: A review of literature
Aleksandra Jaroń, Elżbieta Grzywacz, Natalia Kerber-Wyka, Sara Zacharska, Michał Łobacz, Grzegorz Trybek
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.02

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Different forms of swimmers’ final weeks pre-competition preparation
Kamil Sokołowski, Marek Strzała, Arkadiusz Stanula
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.10

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Original article

The effects of Watsu therapy on autonomic cardiovascular modulation and flexibility of children with cerebral palsy
Ertan Tufekcioglu
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.03

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The Influence of functional training on biomotor skills in girl tennis players aged 10–12
Oktay Zırhlı, Nevzat Demirci
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.04

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Assessment of physical fitness among non-athlete adolescents: Effect of familiarization sessions
Diogo Henrique Constantino Coledam, Rodrigo Dias Caria de Oliveira
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.05

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The impact of classified and unclassified techniques on the male medalists’ offensive activity at the 2004–2016 Olympic Games
Amar Ait Ali Yahia
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.06

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The results of judo fights during the 2018–2019 World Championships
Barbara Sulecka, Marek Adam, Beata Wolska
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.07

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Changes of temporospatial orientation in persons with intellectual disabilities who participate in modern dance workshops
Olga Szymańska, Wojciech Wiliński
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.08

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Accuracy of “S Health” pedometer application during walking and stair climbing
Mateja Šinkovec, Darja Rugelj
DOI: 10.29359/BJHPA.12.4.09

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